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Bullet points.

* It's probably good that I didn't notice that Casanova is out on DVD now until after I'd left HMV.

* My mum is seeing a therapist today. I'm nervous for her.

* No major dental surgery yesterday; instead I get it in a week and a bit. This is, in some ways, A Good Thing. Though it means I'll be stuck at home with my parents for three days or so. Bah.

* HMV in the Trocadero have never heard of Moby.
No. Really. I asked assistants and everything. Did I hallucinate him? Did we all?

Hope all is going ok for people - haven't caught up on LJ from the last couple of days and probably won't, now, as I'm very tired and stupidly busy this week, though all with good things. Much love to those as wants it.

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