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So, yes, anyway, home now.

I had such an elaborate dream last night, about going to the Oscars with some of you lot and how for us nonentities they lined up all the celebrities around a racetrack and let us walk through a perspex tunnel looking at them, and how amused I was that they'd stood Limp Bizkit next to East 17, though god knows what they were doing there in the first place. Although most of the people who were there were people I actually know, we'd also acquired an insanely cute boy who looked a bit like Brian Molko. Then there was a shop called the Dream Room which sold cheap DVDs and gave away records for free - sigh - and then my ex-girlfriend turned up and we sat and watched movie trailers for a bit until an enormous set of lights fell down on top of the people across the room from us and we pitched in to try to rescue them. That's only the half of it - it was awfully elaborate, so many little details. I love my dreams.

Anyway, I am home, having had a brilliant time in Cambridge with fiona_kitty and dreamfracture and then lovelyoliver and rathenar, with added People At Film Club and People In Gothsoc Pubmeet. I'm exhausted, but really quite happy, which is nice. fiona_kitty and dreamfracture are inarguably Very Good Things; much kittenness and wandering in gardens and squeaking. Rah.

And yesterday was BiFest, which I missed the serious aspects of due to being asleep here, but there was then a disco and suchlike which was lots of fun thanks to excellent sets from julietk and bootpunk and also thanks to many gorgeous people dancing. I must must go out dancing again sometime soon, I miss it.

Today I will be mostly sitting on the sofa going 'I refuse point blank to get up', I think. I'm very tired. Hope everyone's all right.


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