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Interview Meme II : questions from therosewilde and dreamfracture.

1. I'd like to repeat your question one back to you. Strangest that did, strangest that may not. If you want to be very, very honest, you can send me the answer by E-Mail.

The strangest thing that I'm certain has happened to me is probably sitting at the Royal Investiture, when my mum was getting the DBE, with my dad beside me dancing to 'The Teddy Bears' Picnic' as played by the royal chamber string quartet. The strangest thing I'm not sure about...hmm. Maybe encountering a ghost last year.

2. What did you dream about last night?

You and I were in a 'haunted' hotel in Amsterdam, trying to prove that the 'haunting' was actually just a friend of ours having rigged up a system of noises and movements with wires. When I woke up you were screaming that there was something in the bath and there was no way she could have put it there.
I also dreamed about having absurdly extended sex with someone on my Flist, though sadly it wasn't you.

3. If you could do one thing, no consequences, what would it be?

God, I don't know. Sleep with Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp. Lord, I'm so shallow. (There are less shallow answers, but they're ethically suspect. I mean, they even look that way to *me*.)

4. One lesson you have learned. Can be anything, doesn't have to be serious.

A good friend once told me 'life owes you fuck-all', and for ages I thought it was the deepest thing ever, until I realised that actually, no, life owes me a heck of a lot, because I'm fantastic.

5. Literal question, no metaphors here - eternal day or eternal night?

Eternal night, but I'd really rather not have to choose; the best thing about days and nights are the transition points between them, after all.

1) Let's say you have, somehow, attracted the attentions of a powerful Daemon which desires to make a deal with you. What form would it assume to be most impressive, terrifying, or beautiful to you?

They're far different things. Most impressive, probably a rich, coldly intelligent European prince. Most terrifying, the form of someone I know and love - probably one of my parents. Most beautiful...I don't know. It would know better than I would, I think, what my idea of unsurpassed beauty is.

2) The Daemon, for its part of the bargain, offers to perform a single task for you. It can travel anywhere in the universe, and transport anything or anyone with it; transmutate anything that exists or recreate anything that existed in the past, and even reshape the bodies or minds of humans. What would you have it do for you?

I want to travel, as I am now, back to 1977, here, in London. I want to watch the birth of the music that winds up making me who I am. (And buy a Duran Duran duvet cover, damn it.) In safety and financial security, and with no time limit on how long I can stay, but with a way of getting back to my own time whenever I want to. So, that, probably, unless something else seemed desperately more pressing at the time.

3) Of course, you have to give it something in return... What would you offer this diabolic creature in exchange for the service it grants you?

Well, it would depend on what form it had taken, but, assuming it wasn't in fact one of my family or something similarly unfortunate, the usual, I'd imagine. Body and non-life-threatening amounts of blood and whatnot.

4) The Daemon finds your offer unsatisfactory! It vows to drag you into the Pit where it will torture and abuse your body for a year and a day! What is your reaction?

Well, it would depend on what form it had taken...~grin~ Seriously, is it beautiful? Because if something beautiful and frightening (and imaginative) wants to torture and abuse my body for a year and a day - and let me go after that, I presume from your question - then, hey, I'm up for it, as long as I don't die in the process.

5) Ok, enough silliness. What's your favourite flavour of ice-cream?

Oh, ginger. Definitely. I like the silliness, though. :)


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