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The Interview Meme appears to have suffered a resurgence.

You all know the rules by now. If you'd like five questions, leave a comment and I shall give you five questions. I can't make any promise as to the relative sanity of said questions, however.

Meanwhile, I have been asked questions by fiona_kitty, and my answers are :

1. If you had to pick your favourite music artist of all time, who would it be and why?

It's not an easy question to answer if I stop to think about it, because in some ways it's Johnny Dean from Menswe@r even though they only ever had one half-decent album, and in some ways it's Boy George because of the enormous influence he's had on my life, but if I don't stop to think about it the answer is always going to be Duran Duran, and I'm pretty happy with that. Erasure come a very close second.

2. Favourite animal (other than kittencats)?

Snakes. Snakes. I mention snakes? I like snakes. I should never be allowed to own a snake. Wrong would ensue.

3. How long have you been growing your hair for?

Heh, it's always been like this. :) There were a couple of times when I had it cut to shoulder length - a horrible, horrible mistake, incidentally - when I was ten or eleven or something, but really, it's basically been this long since I was five. I wish it were longer, but this is as long as it ever grows.

4. dreamfracture in a mini-skirt or Cthulhu in a miniskirt? ;)

Why not both? Well, actually, how would you *tell* if Cthulhu was wearing a miniskirt? And besides, I sort of hope never to meet Cthulhu, be-skirted or not, whereas life with a dreamfracture in is a good thing. Even if I never do get to see him in a miniskirt. Except in my head. A lot.

5. You have five wishes, use them wisely. :)

I wish... I had a magic wand that could do little magics, like producing a set of tea when tea was particularly needed, or creating cuddly animals at will.
I wish... I could teleport whenever I wanted to, accurately, without harm to myself or anyone else, and based on the location of a person, not a place.
I wish... I had several cats and the resources and patience to look after them.
I wish... that whenever I saw something in a shop that I wanted, I could reach into my pocket and pull out the exact amount of money needed to buy it, without that money having been taken from anyone or anywhere else in the world.
I wish... for two excellent keyboards/synth players, one talented drummer, one brilliant lead guitarist, one marvellous bass guitarist - all of whom are beautiful boys and all of whom roughly share my taste in music - and a recording contract, so I can finally make those covers albums of amazing songs that I've been wanting to make since I was twelve.

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