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Had a lovely evening with my godfather and the young man my mother will insist on calling his 'friend' - it's the first time I've been around them both without my mum there, and it was orders of magnitude more fun and more relaxed. We chatted about all sorts of things, and Brandon (the 'friend') gave me his entire collection of Buffy videos, and wants to go to Thorpe Park with me - I love that boy - while my godfather and I made appalling jokes and got upset about the new pope and talked about music a lot. I offered to help him if there was any cataloguing or filing he ever needed doing and his eyes lit up as if I'd offered him, I don't know, a lifetime's supply of gay. (He probably already has this.) It was a good night.

This morning I am up at eek o'clock to take delivery of a piece of furniture my mum bought that will either be incredibly cool or spectacularly useless. Watch this space. ~g~

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