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Reh finished early, thank god.

5 recent musical fetishes:

- Starsailor
- ...kill me now...a fabulous wonderful Lostprophets song. Gemma music. Eeeee.
- That "Just Keep Walking" song I just keep mentioning.
- Madonna, again.
- Filter? Possibly?

5 recommended flicks:

- Hedwig
- Holy Grail
- VG
- The Wedding Singer
- Labyrinth

5 livejournals frequented:

- chiriko
- asrana
- nightshade
- shinysparkly
- thechaosdiva

5 habits recently formed:

- writing Tasha daft notes
- trying to avoid falling for little people
- falling for little people
- doing WORK! Gasp.
- squeeeeeing over Pete

5 things on your to-do list:

- work
- write
- work
- write
- go get G's phonecall

5 recent accomplishments:

- work!
- also getting through half-term without killing my parents
- making it up to Liverpool
- finding someone
- managing to come up with a DD crossover idea, AT FREAKIN' LAST!

5 worries in your head:

- G
- Chris
- Shane. Still.
- Work
- My perf cert exam.

5 things you're thankful for:

- My friends
- My band
- Music
- Words
- Chocolate

5 things to do on a friday night:

- Sleep
- Watch TV
- Work
- Watch TV
- Watch TV


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