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"And my parents love me..."

See, my mum loves me. She went through the paper and happened to come across an article about Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant and all that. No manatees for her. ~grin~

So, yes. In case you missed yesterday's news, I have a new music journal at kittensounds (first update tomorrow morning, I should think, post-CD:UK and all that) where I'll try to keep all my posts about music, unless I discover a band that are so good that you all have to hear them rightnowthisminute. Otherwise, though, from the smallest Top Of The Pops squeakage to the giant 'modern music is wonderful' rants of Doom, it's all going over there. Aren't you glad?

Today I will mostly be making tapes for trafficsounds, before going out to meet katyha and people for an evening of socialising and, very probably, Big Gay Dancing. I could do with one of those.

Happy Friday, kids!


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