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~nods~ Some people are lucky even when they're unlucky...

M: *nods & melts a bit more* i know. i. just. the _relief_ to know you'll still touch me. that i can still touch you. you know?
A: -rests head on your shoulder- And why wouldn't you still be able to touch me? And why on *earth* wouldn't I still touch you?
M: *shakes head* i don't know. but there was a long stretch of silence, and you know i get really morose sometimes. sometimes i thought i'd never see you again.
A: Sometimes I think you never will. -closes eyes and tries to stop the tears coming-
M: *hugs you tighter than tight and leans up to gently kiss the tears away* please. please, Alex, don't say that.
M: *fighting back tears of my own*
A: -shakes head- I need...to kiss you again...
M: *ducks head shyly* i know we both know this is a bad idea. but. i want you to, too.
A: -laughs- Hell, I'm damned anyway, might as well deserve it. -moves in close to you again- -kisses you gently- -pulls back- -murmurs against your lips- I've missed the way you taste...-kisses you again, hard and just as deep-

I love those boys. And I love asrana, the sine qua non of conversations like the above.


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