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[Music] Brief headsup

I've already mentioned The Kills, but you should really be listening to them if you like PJ Harvey, dark electro-rock, angrily intellectual disillusioned Americans, all three, or just like Damn Excellent Music.

I say this because I've just picked up this week's NME, attached to which is a 'best new bands of 2005' CD, on which is 'No Wow' by The Kills. I won't bore you all with what I think of *all* the songs, but this was definitely worth mentioning.

As is, in the category of If you like The Bravery you'll like this, 'You Got Me' by VHS Or Beta. Mmm, synthy art-rock - I can't get enough of this sort of thing, really, it's not a world of mind-blowing but it's sort of reassuring in the way that seeing kids dress up as Toyah is. Or perhaps that's just me. Anyway.

As if to prove that the NME and I can't always get on, by the way, they're slating the upcoming 'The Departure' single. But then, for all I know, it could be dreadful.

Incidentally, yes, I really do need a music journal. I could just call it 'duranorakmusic', but that's kind of dull. Any suggestions?


P.S. 'Ellie Meadows' by The Blueskins is so far from my kind of thing, but it's very good.
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