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I win again.

That was a good night. Went out to Club Electric at the Purple Turtle; I suppose I should talk about the music, really, but the time spent chatting with joysilence and her twin, and meeting mrtreacle, figures rather higher than the excitement of 'Oh, look, 'Enjoy The Silence'. Again.'

Danced a little, was inwardly scathing about the lack of cute people at the beginning of the night and then realised they were all hiding upstairs being scathing about the lack of cute people, chatted to neuromantik for a bit, raved at Dave about the Kaiser Chiefs, somewhat accidentally pulled the 'My dad was in Dr Who' routine at mrtreacle (I wasn't to know he'd care; I don't remember ever seeing anyone so astonished)...have entirely lost my train of thought, am tired. Good night, though. Yes.

Oh, and joysilence - that WhiteTown song I was telling you about? Is called 'Panopticon'. No, really, it is.

Coincidence, the better chance, resounding like a rhyme,


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