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A request for help.

Hey, friends list. How are you this morning? I could do with some help from you, if that's ok. (This post discusses self-harm, but only in the most outside of terms; I don't want to lj-cut it, so if you think it likely to upset you, please just scroll past. Edit : Should have thought of this - the comments to this post may go into more detail, of course.)

Yesterday, asrana and I were talking about self-harm - about cutting, specifically - and after a while I decided I have to write something. Not just a short, or even a long, LiveJournal post - something longer and more serious than that. I could do this on my own, with my own knowledge, and it would still be what I wanted, but I'd much rather have outside input and so what I'm asking you is this : would you, if you're comfortable, share with me your experiences of cutting or other forms of self-harm?

I don't just mean people who do or have self-harmed, but people who never have as well, because I want to know how everyone sees it - any of you who feel ok with sharing it with me, anyway. In an anonymous comment, or via e-mail, or via signed comment if you like - I don't mind, and although I will probably quote you, I certainly won't attribute the quotes unless you actually say you want me to. I just don't want it to be only my opinion and viewpoint.

This is important to me - it's something I feel very strongly about doing - but your peace of mind is worlds more important, so please don't feel you have to tell me anything. I'll probably ask on a couple of communities as well (any suggestions?) but I wanted to post here, first.

Thank you. Much love and all.

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