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All right, look, I know I *often* collar you all and say "You owe me..."

...but this is ridiculous.
I have in my hand - well, no, because I'm typing, but I have on my desk copies of two CDs, namely 'Fancy Ultra-Fresh' and 'Freezepop Forever' by Freezepop. I've known of the existence of Freezepop for years, but nobody's ever played me any. Nobody's even so much as offered to play me any. What on earth were you all thinking? This band couldn't be more tailor-made for me without the addition of, well, no, actually this band probably couldn't be more tailor-made for me, on the basis that they're making music now, rather than in the early 80s.

I'm not going to tell you what they're like as I'm convinced you all know and have just been avoiding telling me out of sheer spite. ~grin~ You bastards. How could you do this to me? Bah. Hate you all.


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