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"Do you want to go dancing, in a club? We could have a good time, and live it up..."

Yet another good B-Movie - I must be going for a record. ~grin~ Let's see now...admired arkady's doll of reddragdiva (coolest. thing. ever.), pointed and laughed at mock2 (in the nicest of ways), hugged fluffymormegil, caught up with hatter (fascinating), hugged the hell out of Aden, danced with battlekitty (so lovely!), chatted with moral_vaccuum and margotmetroland a little, hugged jezebel_z, listened to mr_flay describing his potential political assassin outfit (distracting), stalked A Friend Of kitty_goth's, bounced at everyone in sight including the surprise flannelcat, missed thalinoviel who sadly couldn't make it. It's possible that doesn't cover everything, but I'm too tired to worry about that now. ~smile~ I love you all. Thanks, it was a good night.

And I'm looking forward to tomorrow night. Erm, tonight. Whatever.


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