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Obligatory Saturday Morning Music Roundup

* That bastard Eric Prydz has a lot to answer for. Turning on CD:UK this morning I was greeted by the sight of a load of girls dressed in bad late 80s clothes, making stylised motions of doing their washing at a laundrette (with machines and everything) before stripping down a lot and dancing. With their laundry baskets. While some gurning idiot boy threw himself around the stage and mimed hopelessly badly to a sample of 'Waiting For A Star To Fall' by Boy Meets Girl. Oh, dear oh dear. I hope this one blows over soon.

* Expect me to remind you in a few weeks about how good Kylie's upcoming single 'Giving You Up' is. Fantastic glittery perky gorgeous synthesised pop with more charm than a big box of Lucky Charms. I'm liking this whole Kylie electro thing very much.

* Speaking of girls and electro, Rachel Stevens continues her career of almost universally excellent pop songs with the wondrous 'Negotiate With Love'. It's part very very modern and part 70s disco but in a good way, and I like it. Please don't watch the video, it will make your head ache and is dreadful.

* Steriogram have a new single out. It's not very good. This is a shame, but it reminded me that I never got a chance to talk about their debut song 'Walkie Talkie Man', which was one of the oddest (and best) singles of last year. Not enough people heard it at the time, so I thought I'd mention it now and you could go and find it after the fact. Not that anybody reads these Saturday morning things.

* I don't care that Phantom Planet's song from the O.C. isn't much to write home about, they charmed the socks off me on CD:UK's spotlight this morning, and must be worthwhile.

* Melanie C is having a comeback, accompanied by a song that isn't all that and a video in which she aims for something directly between Emma Bunton and Evanescence. It works out rather better than it should.

* The Bravery are the new The Faint. Of course they are. I want their children. But I want their album more.


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