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Tired now.

Gorgeous evening with the ever-extremely-wonderful spikeylady yesterday, which involved, among other things, much gossip and the watching of Preaching To The Perverted, which alternated between being very shiny, very silly, and very very annoying - was lots of fun, nonetheless.

Couldn't stop my brain working overtime in the middle of the night, alas, so didn't get very much sleep at all (was anyone dreaming about Richard Gere or a strange family of ritualist perverts last night? Because it certainly wasn't me, and I don't know where the images came from) and now I'm very very tired. thalinoviel has cancelled on me tonight, though, so at least I can get some sleep. ~s~

Spent this morning having thoroughly entertaining catch-up gossip with ciphergoth. We should do this more often, gossip is good.


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