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Post music music post.

You can skip to the end of this, if you want. As long as you read the last paragraph, it's fine.

* I'm going to keep saying this until you all do what you're told. Go, find 'No Sleep Tonight' by The Faders, listen to it. Then you can tell me I'm wrong and that they're not brilliant, but only then.

* I'm kind of surprised by how much I like 'Angel Eyes' by Raghav. You won't, but I do. I've always had a thing about bhangra, and it pushes enough of the same buttons, I think. Boy got harmony, as well as idiots rapping in his background. As it were.

* I know you know this already, but just in case there's anyone who hasn't noticed - and if you are that person, what have you been doing for the last three months? - the Kaiser Chiefs are staggeringly good. I'm vaguely irritated that I meant to mention them last year before any of you knew about them and I forgot, so it sounds like I'm very late to the party, but, seriously. Amazing stuff. Go, listen, start a revolution.

* The pain, the pain. CD:UK this morning featured G4 covering 'Cry Me A River'. I'm wracking my brains trying to think of a suitable punishment for G4, but nothing really seems harsh enough. Any ideas?

* Oh my god, what's this? as Duran Duran say, amusingly, on their latest album. 'This' is The Bravery - for goodness' sake go and listen to them. Now. Right now. Go on. Go. I said NOW.

Thank you.


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