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It's the weekend, I'm allowed.

Not angst this time, but an entirely self-indulgent post about how much I love my music collection.

A few months ago I did that meme where you let your MP3s play on random, and post lyrics from the first 20. Two of mine, in succession, were 'Juke Joint Jezebel' by KMFDM and 'The Land Of Make Believe' by Bucks Fizz, and at the time I thought it wildly unlikely that anyone else even owned both of those together, let alone would be likely to have them both come up in a playlist.

I've just finished the tape for dalehead. It features this list of artists :
The Primitives, Danielle Dax, Ashlee Simpson, The Dandy Warhols, Primal Scream, AllSTARS, Spray, Day One, Arcadia, Japan, Gang Of Four, Duran Duran, Darren Hayes, Bjorn Again, Gwen Stefani, Iris, Goldfrapp, Thomas Dolby, Altered Images, the Virgin Prunes, Romeo Void, Client, the Medieval Baebes.

It's not quite as eclectic as it could be - I'm not certain of her taste in music so I've clung mostly to the middle of each road - but all the same, I'm kind of pleased that I could do this. Danielle Dax and Bjorn Again; Gang Of Four and the Medieval Baebes. It's just...fun. And to get to those artists I lifted aside Alice Cooper, Ministry, NIN, OMD, Rufus Wainwright, Crazy Town, Garbage, The Sweet, Daniel Bedingfield, Ricky Martin, Tori Amos...and so on, and so on. I have so much by so many artists. Still never enough, obviously, but nevertheless I feel ever so lucky. And, y'know. Music is good. :)

Sorry, I just felt the need to say that. You may now all comment telling me how bad my taste is. I'll defend it furiously, though, of course. ~g~


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