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Erm. Right.

Just like to reiterate that B-Movie was great. If I say it enough times I'll realise it wasn't a dream. ~s~ Wish I could have slept for longer, though. Ow, tired.

So I'm making a tape for dalehead for her birthday, right? And I'm going through my 7"s, right? And I find something I bought the other week purely on the strength of the cover, because it was shiny and looked like it might not be bad. (And was only 10p. Charity shops are my friends.) I'd evidently then put it on my shelf and forgotten about it, but I thought I might as well play it while I was aware of it, just to see. And as I put it on I glanced at the cover again, frowned, and thought, 'He looks familiar...'

Yeah. That's 'cause it's him.
I'd no idea he used to be in a band. They were called Ice Cold In Alice, if you're interested, and basically sound like Curiosity Killed The Cat.

These things just find me.


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