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Obligatory 'just seen the Whitby bands' post

Which I would have done this morning, but I only went to sleep at eight, and then I woke up and it was now. ~s~ Which should at least stand me in good stead for the next couple of days, when I'll be up until stupid o'clock again.

So, yes. Whitby bands, eh?
SBA rock like bastards, though I've not seen them live. Psychophile are wonderful, from what I've heard. Voltaire is - I'm sorry, did you say Voltaire? As in, like, Voltaire? Wow. So who's...what?
Gene Loves Jezebel?
You are fucking kidding me, aren't you?

Saturday's bands? Less good. (I could live without seeing Greenhaus again, ever.)
But Gene Loves Jezebel, on stage? I don't believe you.

Yesterday the lovely nisaba took me to see A Life In The Theatre with Joshua Jackson and Patrick Stewart. Despite the excellent acting and painfully brilliant dialogue, I think I'd probably be lying if I said the highlight was anything other than seeing them both in their underwear. ~grin~ I'm sure nisaba would agree with this.
We went on to one of the Ed's Diners to sit and chat and bitch about things and come up with new cartoons for my never-to-be-drawn (because I can't draw) series of goth comic strips. This one featured andyravensable saying "I say! A pineapple!" but I'm certainly not telling you in what context. ~g~

B-Movie tonight. What should I wear?

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