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So, um, yeah. Last night we watched what is possibly my new favourite movie ever, for so many, many reasons - this. You all have to see this. Seriously.

And today I'm going to the theatre with nisaba. Yay! And katyha has kindly said I can kick my heels here for a while, so I have music TV and everything. ~g~ And I know I've done a music post recently but I'm not sure I can keep from commenting. I'll just keep adding things to this post, though, if I do, so as not to clutter your Friends page, since it's pure self-indulgence on my part. ~smile~ (I've just heard some Interpol properly. Sigh. I know you all think they're great, but to me they just sound like someone's slightly annoyed REM. Do the decent thing and listen to The Departure instead, they should fulfil your intellectual-angst 80s cravings.)

And oh, christ, someone let G4 on actual music TV. Shotgun, anyone? Anyway, rest of today's music observations added under here :

There is, indeed, currently a comedy country cover - by Hayseed Dixie - of 'Walk This Way' on The Amp. Naturally it works rather well, but it's still Wrong on a deep and fundamental level.

Oh, and I meant to say this last week, but it sounds as though Nelly has managed to release a second good collaborative single. This is still not enough to excuse him for any of his previous songs - any of them, especially 'Dilemma' - but it's still kind of impressive, from a man I'd have cheerfully shot this time last year. It's called 'Over And Over' and features one of the only country singers I can deal with, the endlessly melancholy Tim McGraw. I really like it, but, y'know, could just be me.

See, this is why I like The Amp. It's even better than MTV2 for showcasing random indie rock tracks you'd never hear anywhere else. Right now it's playing 'Lion Rip' by The Duke Spirit, who, of course, I've never heard of. It's not bad, though. Mostly, I just like the fact that I'd never have heard it if I hadn't been watching The Amp.
But even better is letting it play until something really good turns up. I have that right now. It's The Knife, with 'You Take My Breath Away'. I want to describe it, but I'm not sure I can - sparkling very 80s synths and wistful female vocals, but it's just weird. And very, very good. Hurrah for things I'd never have heard otherwise.

And then it'll do things like play old Happy Mondays videos for things that I've never heard and actually *like*. Although I could probably have lived without ever seeing Shaun Ryder in drag. Thanks and all.

Oh, and Beck has a new song out. Not all that as a song, but an excellent video. :)

By the way, I know you all know this, but fuck me the Kaiser Chiefs are good. Along with 'Oxygen' by Willy Mason, not at all my kind of thing but good in a way that brought tears to my eyes.

Oooh. Now seeing the full video for 'The Good Ones' by The Kills. Mmmm. Very very good, go and listen to it, it's pure pure sex.

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