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"At last I can begin my ascendance!"

This morning I dreamed that I had to cross a giant Knightmare-alike game - you know the one where you have to step on a shield, and then the next step has to be onto a helmet rather than a sword, and so on - made out of a series of inflatable, water-filled cushions on ground that shifted and rolled under your feet, making it very hard to stay upright. The game was presided over by spyinthehaus, ten feet tall and dressed as Anubis, and the cushions were printed with pictures of Egyptian symbols in different colours (I had to stay on the blue ones) but were covered over with Astroturf so you couldn't see what was on them until you pulled off the (very heavy) covering, which is harder than it might look when you're trying to keep your balance on a five-foot water-filled cushion. The idea was that if I got successfully to the other side and touched the giant painting of the sun on the opposite wall, aegidian - who was my coach - could finally begin his ascendence to the next level of his creation, and become part-human, part-scarab beetle.

I made it, in the end. Just so you know. ~g~

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