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Yes. Well.

Saturday saw an emergency friendship trip out to see asrana for talking and cuddles; always good. Then later to babysimon and trishpiglet's for xxxlibris's leaving party, an event at which I was decidedly overdressed, but which was nevertheless highly enjoyable in a lot of places. Good to see lots of people, particularly kitty_goth and Los Angeles, and to catch up with katyha and so forth. Left early enough to catch the tube home, though, as I was tired and wanted to sleep.

It was my intention to actually do that - sleep, I mean - but I got caught by someone online. The next thing I knew it was two in the afternoon on Sunday. Ah well. I seem to have come awake at a normal time today without too many ill-effects. (If I tell you that I spent the entire time online writing slash about a guy from Japan and a guy from the Virgin Prunes, you won't have to ask, and you'll be glad you didn't. ~s~)

All gone a bit wrong today, though, so it's probably just as well that I'm leaving in an hour or so for Sussex, for a meeting with the only therapist who's ever done me any good. I'll be back in London tomorrow, but I doubt I'll be online the rest of today - maybe in the evening if mum lets me.

Not many reasons for it all having gone a bit wrong that I can actually talk about, but one of them is that Wes Wehmiller, former temporary bassist for Duran Duran, has died - yesterday, I think - aged 33. I saw him with them when I went for the Pop Trash tour; he seemed shy and charming. It's ridiculously sad and unfair and awful. ~sigh~


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