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Twenty-one entries yesterday, man! Oh, dear oh dear.

~stretches~ Woke up wrapped around Remus. There are worse ways to wake.

Spent much of yesterday and this morning just staring at my Princess here. I don't want to pounce her or anything....it's just that she's so pretty I can't help but want to look...just look and go "So pretty...so pretty..." and smile and stuff.

Also...~cracks up~ Oh dear. I found out yesterday that someone who's recently annoyed me by becoming attractive all of a sudden is actually batting for the wrong side, which is always a great detractor from their attractiveness, I don't think. ~ggls~ Never mind! At least I don't fancy her girlfriend.

Blah. Assembly. Where, of course, I wouldn't dream of using my position on the stage to stare at anyone in the auditorium. No. I would never do that. Because that - that would be wrong.


Oh, and asrana? I love you lots. Thank you for RPing with me yesterday. ~looks@A&M who fell asleep on the sofa and smiles~ I think they'd thank you too.


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