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So, about that Rabbit Hole Day then?

I know some people on my Friends list weren't too impressed with the whole idea, so if you could just ignore this post, I'd be grateful.
First, I want to say how much I love all of you and how I adored reading your posts and how we *have* to do this again next year. All the Rabbit Hole posts from my Friends list that I could find are in my Memories so I can keep hold of what a fantastically creative day it was for so many fantastically creative people.
Second, I'd like you to do me a favour - if someone on your Flist posted something Rabbit-Hole-y yesterday that was particularly good, could you link me to it in case I've not seen it? I'm fascinated to see where the rabbit hole took everyone else...

Thanks. I'm still really not terribly away, so I'm not going to try for any more coherence than this at the moment. ~g~

Edit : Ah. Like Christmas songs played in September, it seems that 140205 is up and running for this year. And, like I don't put Christmas decorations up until December, I won't be posting anything in it until it's at least February, for god's sake. Why draw out the agony this far?


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