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Give me excess of it.

Well, you can try, but it's very unlikely to succeed. I have bought yet more music today, because a trip to the Music & Video Exchange in Camden yielded some fascinating things. Before that, though, there was coffee and endless (figuratively speaking) talking with libellum, who is quite, quite lovely. We should do this more often, for longer.

Music, then?

Well, we have :

* 'Wide Open Space' by Mansun, one of my favourite indie songs in any case, on marbled white vinyl. I tried so hard to resist it. But in the end it was too beautiful and I had to take it home.

And from the '50p each' section of their shop, I bring you :

* 'Toys For Boys' by Marion. Marion are just one of those bands that should have really made it and never did, and I'll always be grateful to pringle for mentioning them to me in the first place. I'd not heard this (of course, because their albums always seem to cost a bloody fortune if you can get them at all). It's gorgeous. Bounce. :)

* 'Love On The Phone'/'Play With Fire' by Eleanor Rigby. This has, against many odds of probability, two songs on it by jujubabies. It's all very 60s and great and utterly unlikely. Coincidence is good.

* 'French Kisses' by Jentina. Hurrah! Because I wouldn't pay full price when it came out. ~grin~ Oh, I do wish she'd release another single. Surely she can get worse...

* 'Tell Me' by Haven. Haven were one of my Indie Hopefuls of 2002 and I wanted to know what they got up to after I lost track of them, and this seemed as good a way of doing it as any. It's very, very, very good. (I love me my indie rock'n'roll.) Right. I should probably get both those albums after all, then. Thank goodness. ~is unreasonably proud~

* 'Nothing To Declare' by Laptop. Because Laptop turned up on the wonderful new synthpop compilation I bought last year, and I thought anything by this guy must be good really. And I was right, this rules in an awfully big way, a bit like someone tying The Divine Comedy to a chair and then torturing them with electronic equipment. I like, I like so much, and want albums.

* 'Animal Army' by Babylon Zoo. Nothing you can say will make me like this any less, so there.

* A CD of 'best new music of 2002' from Q Magazine, mostly out of curiosity about Télépopmusik (ghastly) and Dot Allison (well, ok, but what on earth was 'We're Only Science' all about, then? Where have all the synthesisers gone?), but also because I can't resist a compilation. There's bound to be something I love on it, these things usually work like that.
ETA : Win. Courtesy of (of course, of course) the extraordinary Cooper Temple Clause. Why, why don't I own everything they've ever done?

* And, proving that someone somewhere likes me, an entire album sampler from Temposhark! ~bounce bounce bounce~ I'm awfully happy about this. 11 whole tracks, and everything. Rah.

Also went through Virgin and bought Ashlee Simpson's new single 'La La', which is marvellous bouncy American rockette nonsense with rather a lot of 80s feeling to it in some ways. In any case it makes me jump up and down and smile a lot.

So all in all I am more than delighted - as hauls go, this one could hardly have been improved, really.
I like music. Had you guessed?


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