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Dive! Dive!

Whoops! Mum's lost the family brain cell again. Stand by for angst. ~s~ I don't know, last night it was all camaraderie and admiring my cross stitch, and this morning it's tantrums and 'how can you stand to live like this, you disgust me' all over again.
Mind you, if this means that dad's got the brain cell, that's probably a good thing - he's much more damaging than mum is, without it.

I hate this. Want to escape for the day, damn it, but have nothing to do and can't really justify spending any more money on myself until next week at least. ~s~ Tone of post may sound light but this is likely to be a deeply nasty day - any distractions much appreciated.

Edit : Yes, I thought so. Just had a huge long tirade of 'how dare you call this depression all it is is laziness you're just making it up I couldn't care less if you're miserable' and so on. Ow. It's not, actually, terribly surprising I'm a bit of a mess generally, is it?
~crawls under the duvet~

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