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Thankfully, neither of my schools had an official song.

My goodness, but that was odd.

I arrived in Cheltenham in time to catch the tail end of my mother's, aunt's and nan's school reunion. An entire gymful of elderly upper-middle-class women standing up to sing, rather quaveringly, the old school song (some nonsense about an acorn) and the second school song (some nonsense about King and Country), most of them singing from memory and sobbing their hearts out. And then expressing paroxysms of delight at getting a tiny piece of cake in a serviette. And saying things to my mother like "I remember your mother, gosh, yes, she must be dead now" (really, someone said that. I think mum got quite a lot of satisfaction out of replying "Actually no, she's over there. The one in the green dress, who looks younger than you.")

Nobody at all from my aunt's year was there, and so she was extremely downhearted about the whole thing, and mother was upset by it too (though I'm not quite sure why), and most of nanna's year were dead, and all in all it was a thoroughly unpleasant experience for all of them. Although, naturally, they only admitted that several hours later after the best part of two bottles of wine. Yes, my family got drunk again, in a ghastly posh restaurant (possibly the only one in Cheltenham, at that) - you know, the kind that serves eleven different kinds of

[expensive meat] [cooked in an unlikely fashion] on a bed of [something you wouldn't eat even if your mum promised to take you to the zoo the next day] with lemongrass and [root vegetable you've never heard of] rosti and sautéed [what the fuck? I didn't even know you could sauté one of those]
and charges £20 for the privilege.
Still, it made the rest of the family happy. Merry, indeed. And they didn't even notice that one of the waitresses kept slipping out the back to smoke dope, although I did, since it meant that I couldn't eat much (not, admittedly, that I particularly wanted to, considering). And so eventually I heaved a weary sigh and put my mother to bed when she threatened to start babbling at nanna about how I'd stuck my arm in a blackberry bush, really, and went to sit and cross stitch. I fell asleep doing it. More tired than I felt.

The drive back today was surprisingly painless, and mum is out now rehearsing and I am in waiting to watch Sea Of Souls and taking a break from reading some excellent fanfic. But yesterday was very weird in places, and although I'm glad I went, my family are so tiring. Good to be home, though they're both here till Tuesday. Anyone about tomorrow evening? ~s~

Much love to all - I hope your weekends went well.


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