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Slightly more coherent

Though I'm not sure how, given that I've had less than three hours' sleep and have cyberbois clamouring for attention in my head. ~s~
So, yeah, last night was a bit of a washout in some senses - missing all the people from the Ball, obviously, and Aden was intending to turn up at some point but was discouraged by a queue the size of a really big queue, and the club, slightly desperate it seemed, was full of, ah, people definitely not adhering to the dress code, and the music was awful almost all the time.
That said, chatting briefly with mock2 good; meeting myke_minstar (after all this time) good; hanging about melston being very very silly good; cyberbois kissing as if nothing else in the world could possibly matter ever again definitely good. ~g~ (Who, me?) Accidentally ending up back at melston's with thepussykat, ladycat and their respective other fractions was also a good thing - they drank things and watched Mission videos and Bauhaus being daft, and I borrowed the internet and went looking up pictures of one of their friends. ~grin~ I unnerve people.

Cheltenham today, to surprise my nan (was her birthday earlier in the week) and cheer up my mother (who will have been at a school reunion, which will have been awful). Have a good weekend, kittens - am off to write cyberboi porn and be a dutiful daughter. ~blows kisses to those who want them~

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