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And stuff.

Better this morning, if not by all that much; worth mentioning good things from the last couple of days though, which include :

* Seeing nisaba for coffee and gossip.

* Going to Hamleys with nisaba; buying a doll. The Doll, indeed. To dress up in burberry-print as a particularly sophisticated form of voodoo (actually, just because it'll be a lot of fun) and pose around Whitby Abbey and things. I am five. ~g~

* Spending lots of time with asrana. Who is wonderful.

* Chatting with slightlyfoxed yesterday about Ralph Fiennes and my mother and the uselessness of mobile phones, though fortunately not all in the same context.

* Buying the Temposhark single (which I'm still much enamoured of) and a very very shiny picture disc single by a band I've never heard of. Just because it was awfully shiny.

* At the same time, discovering a compilation - possibly the only time Throbbing Gristle and Paul McCartney have been on the same CD...

So, yes, there have been good things. Will endeavour to focus on them. And will dance myself stupid at Synthetic Culture tonight if I possibly can. Thank you all for kind words.


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