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There seems to be a meme going round...

You know me and questions. Ask me anything and I'll answer, as best as I can, at any rate.

Poll #420689 Questions always questions I just speak in slow motion

Ask me a question?

stephmog : 'Torch It!', Wire. It's an extraordinary song but absolutely firebrand-gorgeous and I love it.

adjectivemarcus : I don't see why not. I get to choose what, though.

duranorak : Ah, if we knew that, we'd know whether it might just work or not.

nevla : Loving people isn't a question of time, I don't think. Seeing people is - and I *don't* have the time, not to see all of them. How I have the energy to love this many people I don't know, quite, but I'll always have the energy to see the people I do love. It doesn't take patience to see people, but I guess the patience to love people comes from the loving of them. I couldn't change it if I wanted to (and sometimes I think I do want to) and it always amazes me that other people aren't wired like this.

ellbie : Not that I know of, though it's not impossible. The only other countries I'm aware of ancestry in are Poland and the Ukraine; if it helps at all, the family name wasn't originally 'Woolf'. Why do you ask?

navigatorsghost : Oh, that's easy. spyinthehaus. You didn't specify how, of course, but anything will do really.

joysilence : Guh. John Foxx. He has aged better and I suspect we'd have slightly more to talk about. And I like his music more. And he has better hair, which is afaik also still his own. :)

reddragdiva : I don't know. Next week? Week after? When would be a good time?

latexiron : Contact details here. :)

libellum : I don't know - but then I've never had the intellectual not giving a shit part of the equation. Sometimes I feel as though things *shouldn't* affect me, but for me it usually fucks things up even further to pretend that they actually *don't*. Also, ~hug~.

fluffymormegil : Heh. I read it as 'before his characters call him a pervert', but you meant a more nebulous 'they', right? Um. Five, I'd say. Why, who has?

andyravensable : I only get one? That's just not fair - I've got at least enough chocolate for two. ~g~ Mrrr. slightlyfoxed, spyinthehaus, slightlyfoxed, spyinthehaus...spyinthehaus, purely for the look on his face, probably. And then you, damn it.

snowyfeline : Oddly enough, no. I hear it happens all the time in America, though, where they get up to all sorts of things with llamas.

ladycat : I'm afraid these days it's largely because of people like andyravensable. (You know it's true.) Thank you, though.

hazejam : Loved the first, hated the second, ignored the third.

envoy : Builders'. And I can't choose a favourite as the second answer, there are too many good things.

webcowgirl : WTFF? Because the person in question is currently fucked in the head, ten ways at once. Is the only answer I can think of.

mattp : Oh, goodness. Really good BDSM. Chocolate. Glitter. Dancing. Being in the middle of the first book in what promises to be a really good series. Slash. Christian Bale. Cuddling asrana. Men with posh British accents. Stuff. :)

arkady : Sorry love.

kelemvor : At the time, very. Haven't mentioned it since I stopped being.
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