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(Things beginning with M)++

Largely because they include Money - my student loan came through today - and Music - I immediately went to HMV and Bought Things. Kasabian's album (why on earth hadn't I bought it before?), Auf Der Maur's album (on sale and therefore actually affordable for once), and also singles by Scissor Sisters (gayest song ever written ever), Client (because the B-side is a cover of White Wedding), and Riviera F (because one of the tracks was produced by Nick Rhodes).
More rambling on request, obviously, but I thought I'd give you the short version. ~s~ Have also slightly updated this. Sillier by the week.

Other things beginning with M that are good : Mmm, bagels.

Edit : Also, I am late enough to this band that they already have a single carried by HMV, but if you have a slightly faster computer than mine (i.e. if you are human), you may wish to wander past the home of Temposhark. I can only apologise for not finding them sooner. I shall pick up their single tomorrow.

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