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So many lovely people in such a small place; I was bound to break in one way or another, really, wasn't I? Thankfully it was mostly in a giggly, caffeinated way. Great to see everyone, and especially to chat briefly to slightlyfoxed and spyinthehaus; I still say it's deeply unfair that we can't clone them so we might get to see them more often. ~s~ Among other things spyinthehaus is like a pocket quote generator (for a really big pocket, anyway) and slightlyfoxed is wise and - I suspect - understands many things, often whether you say them out loud or not.

I have given spyinthehaus the tape I spontaneously generated for him, so now of course I am suddenly thinking of all the much better things I could have put on it.

There is now a fish & chip shop opposite Waterloo called 'Fishcotheque'. Apparently it's been there for years, but I've only just noticed. This is still, however, fundamentally Wrong.

I was going to write some vignettes tonight, probably not entirely worksafe in nature, but my usually absent self-preservation instincts have kicked in soon enough to remind me that actually it might not be a terribly good idea even to write them, let alone post them. So you're all safe.

I want to be more tired than I am right now. I'm not sure how I'm going to get to sleep.

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