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~shakes head wonderingly~

No matter how bloody unhappy I am, somehow my band always manage to come out with something that makes me smile. And yes, I know we've all seen this, but here it is anyway :

Simon can you describe your collegues' (the originl five members') charcter with three adjectives each. Don't forget to describe yourself and Warren!Lots of love. Alessandra

"Nick - arty, witty, child(ish/like). John - romantic, paranoid, aspiring. Roger - loyal, brave, humble. Andy - feisty, smart, wry. Simon - mystery flavoured tart. Warren - penis obsessed creative."

He cracks me up. Simon? I love you so much. ~s~

~looks at the words again~
~wonders about writing during her upcoming English lesson~
Childlike + Paranoid + Loyal + Feisty + Tart + ...well I wonder = Happy!Em...


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