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"It's just the kind of day to leave myself behind..."

Oh, look, it's Tuesday. Today I intend to actually make it into college for the first time since term started up, which plan is aided by the fact that awfully near to college there is a goth boy I'm having coffee/lunch with. I can live with this state of affairs.

BU tonight, also. Hurrah! There will be people, and this is a good thing.

If I can survive college, actually this week is going to be a pretty excellent one, I think. Lots of time with asrana and a weekend spent with a lot of wonderful people. And of course there's today. I am bouncy about today. But don't worry, I won't be here for most of it so you won't have to cope with me being bouncy all over you. ~g~

Still though, a bouncy kitten is a good and these days somewhat unusual thing. It's nice.

Edit : And a CD's just arrived for me from envoy! Thank you, sweetheart!


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