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Walking mirrors in the Pharaoh's harem

Gosh, yesterday was a glorious day. Spent much of it being played music by zoo_music_girl and, amazingly, really liking a good half of it. And thinking most of the rest was very good in ways I didn't actually like but could appreciate.
Among the things that I wasn't expecting to like were a couple of songs by the Birthday Party, several by Einstürzende Neubauten, one or two by Lydia Lunch and several by Swans and/or Michael Gira, including one that nearly made me have to go home in a bucket. Who knew?

Also - and I was going to have a go at you all for letting me miss this, until it occurred to me that possibly your repeatedly saying "Menswe@r completely, utterly ripped off this band" does actually constitute a recommendation - she played me things by Wire. I am, frankly, enthralled.
Really. It's just. Wow.

In case anyone else is having comment notification trouble, I have done most of the replies to the comments on yesterday's meme now. ~s~

Also, last night I dreamed that adjectivemarcus was driving myself and spikeylady into Soho, where we both had gigs. Mine was at the Lyric theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, and I was wearing a ghastly charcoal-grey suit, and when I got inside there were lots of other people in similarly horrible suits, and we were told we were going to audition to be backing singers for Atomic Kitten. Thankfully, we all passed out at that point, and when I came to again I was in the sea, near the centre of a huge line of people, all of whom were swimming backwards, slowly - as was I - held up by lifejackets, and pointing little devices a bit like the sparkers one uses to light the gas, which were shooting laser beams at The Enemy, a couple of ships coming up on either side.

Alas, our little lasers weren't strong enough, and the ships came in close enough to be out of range (I mean, what?) and started herding us toward shore. But once there was ground to stand on underfoot, one brave man stood up and somehow blasted both the ships out of the water, and then picked up his suitcase (I mean, what?) and ran away. The leaders, a man and woman in the centre of the line, stood up immediately and snapped, "Who packed his suitcase?" A stunning blonde girl rose bravely out of the water. And they shot her. Turning to the rest of us and explaining patiently, "Look, the only way for us to fight them is to stay together. Don't you see?"

We didn't, but what choice did we have? They decided we should go overland for a little while, so we climbed a small hill, on the other side of which was a waterfall. There were dolphins in the waterfall, which we then had to swim down. The people behind me kept calling the dolphins 'rays', and shying away from them, and I didn't understand why because they were lovely dolphins and they helped me down the waterfall. The Chinese gentleman on my left was so scared of them that he jumped and dashed himself to pieces on some rocks a bit further down.

At the base of the waterfall we were sucked into a whirlpool, on the other side of which was a tunnel through what looked like the inside of a very tall tree; it opened out into a rather comfortable looking bar, and as we slid down into the centre of it we passed lots of tiny glass mushrooms and shot glasses. And as we passed them they lit up, and a choir of angel voices sang "Mushroom, mushroom, glass, glass, mushroom" and so on.

And then I woke up. Odd.

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