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I don't need pornography. I have Channel 4.

Just been watching Derren Brown : Messiah, in which Derren Brown has inadvertantly once again conclusively proved that there is a god, and it is him, by healing my headache and engendering within me a desire to fall to my knees.

But seriously. His programmes are flawlessly conceived and created and impossible to stop watching, and it's particularly good to watch him in action and realise what he's doing and predict the results. It's like being a new apprentice watching an absolute master at work. I love watching him. And he has a DVD out. I am very happy about this.

And, yes, headache gone now, at least temporarily, which is good; I have caffeine (which doesn't give me headaches, before anyone says anything) and may even get some writing done tonight. If I can stop thinking about Derren Brown.


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