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Still in quite stupid amounts of pain, despite having slept for a good half of the day and thinking for a while earlier that I was better. The only thing even approaching productivity that I've done today is somehow generated a tape for spyinthehaus; this house desperately needs tidying because mother is coming to visit on Sunday, but I couldn't face the amount of movement that would entail, today - standing up and sitting down both cause waves of painful dizziness and, oh, you know, all the usual nonsense. I'm feeling very disconnected today because I've not really talked to anyone, but then if I'd tried to talk to anyone it would have hurt even more; I suppose I'm just going to have to put up with it. ~s~

Never mind. Going to try to sleep for a bit longer now, though I don't know that that will help.
Bah. ~pulls duvet over head in general gesture of discontentedness with world~


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