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And stuff.

There isn't anyone else I owe a tape compilation, is there? Just checking, my memory about these things is appalling for some reason.

Also - I'm sure I've asked this before - has anyone else ever heard of Red Lipstique? Curiosity mainly, but it's weird having two singles by a band I've never otherwise heard of.

Watched Desperate Housewives last night, which is very good if not nearly as stylised as I would have liked it to be or as the trailers suggested. Probably worth keeping an eye on, though.

Today's mission, since I've postponed seeing webcowgirl until tomorrow, is to find out enough about Clive Owen to be able to write semi-decently about him (FSVO 'decent', obviously). And to try to scrub the penguin cosplay porn I just found on somethingawful.com from my mind.

I need tea, damn it.

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