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I need to write.

There are words running through my veins looking for a way out at the moment, and I don't know how to give them one. I've just read something I wasn't expecting to have been written - not fanfiction for once. Reading always makes me want to write, though, and I want to so much, but I can't think because I've got a cold and my thoughts won't go fast enough.

And I can't help wondering if I could ever surprise anyone with anything I write. I surprised myself when I wrote this, but I doubt I really surprised anyone else. Cyber boys, blood, glitter, sex. Not like it's branching out all that much. Not sure why I feel the need to surprise anyone at the moment except that this particular writing fever was born out of someone surprising the hell out of me. I feel I ought to somehow return the favour. I can't.

I know it's not the weekend and I've got no excuse for this nonsense, but I feel shaken to the point where I need to say something somewhere. And I've been annoying the people over on DeadJournal all day. ~s~

Besides, basically what this post says is "I wish I could write", and that's not too obscure once you get down to it.

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