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Egads, the shiny.

Amazon just slipped a CD through my letterbox. Not that I'd forgotten that I'd ordered this, but I didn't realise how incredibly shiny it was going to be. I don't dare listen to it yet - but even if none of the rest of it's any good, and I think it will be, it's got 'Do I Look Like A Slut?' by Avenue D, and 'We Don't Play Guitars' by Chicks On Speed with Peaches, and 'Warm Leatherette' by The Normal, and 'Der Mussolini' by DAF. And, my god, 'Baby Turns Blue', as well, and I hadn't even noticed until now!

Happy place. Very definitely.

Edit : And my inbox has good things in it, too. Today seems to be going well despite my being ill and feeling like death on toast. Hurrah.
Hurrah, hurrah, hurrah. Thank you gods.

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