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Head still hurts.

So, yes, last night dennyd showed me more of Red Dwarf (a series which I managed to completely miss in every way when it was actually on), including the Parade of Wrong that is Quarantine.
Against all probability this episode has only worsened my already quite alarming crush on Arnold Rimmer Chris Barrie. Anyone who's seen the episode may now, I don't know, report me to the government as a danger to myself or something. I fear me.

Today mostly involves waiting for the cleaning lady to go away and then tidying this damn room (which I managed not to do at all on Wednesday because I got sidetracked by music, but I have now finished the tape for wechsler and the new one for asrana and have No Excuse) before going to visit andyravensable. Oh, and a trip to Hamleys, where I will hopefully be buying a doll to do distressing goth things to. ~s~

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