DurAnorak (duranorak) wrote,

Now what's this you say about those sleeping children?

I am really tired of random people thinking it's okay for them to come up and talk to me when I'm clearly doing something important like listening to music or quietly wanting everyone on earth to die. I know I get good stories out of it and all, but if I could just have a break for a month, that would be so awesome. God.

Last night's found me at the bus stop, clearly in my own little world of iPod, but he still got right in my space and started talking to me, so I had to listen otherwise he wouldn't go away. He asked me if I'd ever been in the theatre. I told him not for a long time. He explained that he needed to do an emergency casting, and could he take my e-mail address, or did I have time for coffee? I asked him what he needed someone to do. "I need a tall, buxom woman to tower over me on television." I bet you do. I asked him what, specifically, I would have to do; he told me it's an act he normally does with his wife, but they're both auditioning separately for Britain's Got Talent and she's not allowed to be part of two acts, so he needs a helper for his own. "Which is what?" "It's a ludicrous act. Are you sure you don't have time for that coffee?" I told him I couldn't help him, and he looked at me like I was dirt, but at least he left me alone!

In order to clear my brain from this (he was truly creepy, as well, like an Irish Aleister Crowley) I would like you, my darling Flist (and anyone else hanging around<3) to tell me about the songs that really stunned you when you first heard them. You know, the ones you hear and think, 'How have I lived without this?', or 'This is exactly how I feel/how I felt then', or 'This is so beautiful I think I may die', or whatever reaction it is you had that makes you remember those songs as a revelation. Please? No particular reason, I just want my comments full of people telling me about songs they love and why, it makes me happy. :)
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