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Went to sleep, had bizarre succession of dreams involving an attempt to play a 200-year-old board game which, when we gave up on it because its clues didn't make sense (and were written by a man with an unfortunate penchant for incest in the animal kingdom - sample quote "But the BEAR I will not have, for it loves not its BROTHER, I shall remain sworn true to the MAYFLY which in its brief wisdom takes its SISTER to bed and its BROTHER also"), caused uproar at a local aquarium when the killer whales refused to perform any more tricks and so the human performers decided to use their Giant Sharks instead. Not so good at tricks, but quite good at eating people.

There followed a party at which adjectivemarcus and spyinthehaus, ably assisted by slightlyfoxed and a chorus of LondonPolyBis, introduced me, by way of a song-and-dance routine, to 'The Big Book of Bastard', which involved party games such as 'waltzing in time to an ocarina whilst reciting the names of the Twelve Imaginary Planets' and 'explaining the 80s through the medium of designer glassware'.

I frequently love my dreams, and today is no exception, but what on earth? spyinthehaus was on the ocarina, by the way.

Edit : sparksoflight? Apparently I lied yesterday when I said I didn't see the all-made Midsummer Night's Dream. My LJ says I did. I just have barely any recollection of it whatsoever. Erm, sorry about that. How odd.

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