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She wore her heart outside

Good morning, everyone. Today's the day The Modern have their debut single out. It's called 'Jane Falls Down' and with any luck, it'll be in your local HMV. If you bear me some kind of affection and happen to have a spare two or three quid, I would really, really appreciate it if you'd pick up a copy of the single and help get one of the most beautiful, brilliant and exciting groups in the world into the charts. If you know you want a copy for yourself and really don't have a spare couple of quid, or your local HMV is being useless, wave, I'll get you one. If you don't know whether you want a copy for yourself or not, 'Jane Falls Down' is forceful modern synthpop in high heels, with a guitar line The Killers will probably steal for their next album; it's mostly female vocals with gorgeous male vocals cutting in for the chorus; it's a perfectly formed little song. Review, review, that second one says, "I don’t know about modern, I hope they’re The Future." I could not put it better myself.

Edit : Your best bet for an actual shop is Oxford Street HMV, which has it on signed 7" as well as on CD. Picadilly Circus HMV appears not to have it; I really should have gone and asked them why, but I don't want to become one of those insane fans who does that kind of thing...if you can't find it in a shop, of course, the internet is your friend. Amazon and HMV online certainly both have it.

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