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I want to post saying 'I had a panic attack in college today and I didn't leave, I just got out the other side of it and carried on with things and yay', but I worry that you're getting bored of me not having any angst. I could invent some angst, if it would make this post easier to reply to? ~s~

Things are going, quietly, very well. I get to write an essay at least partly based around pop music. I am happy. I bought Hallowe'en Nests from M&S. They've got little ghosts on. We've got a stunning Italian tenor in our class who lives in Essex, and talks like it. I still don't find him as attractive as This Guy. Sigh.

I'm sorry I'm not more riveting at the moment. Really, this going to everything and not running away home business is tiring. :)

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