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Inertia : 1 - Kitten : 0

Tell me something I don't know :

Give me some incentive to actually leave the computer and do the damn hoovering :

reindeerflotila - And you doing that would be a bad thing because why? I bet you wouldn't though, unless they'd all just say "Yes, we know" and get on with their work.

duranorak - See, you were wrong, he did, and now you've got to sit here, haven't you?

therosewilde - Start humming in harmony, see if he notices. :)

adjectivemarcus - I love you. But you'll do that if I don't, as well, for reasons you outline in your first answer.

barrysarll - Yes, but your mother isn't coming tomorrow and bringing an interviewer with her, I can only assume. & incidentally, damn sorry I can't make it on Sunday.

lovelyoliver - Brilliant! And as for #2, you know that's going to happen anyway. Bill Bailey hath foretold.

kelemvor - I shall pretend you meant Trinny and Susannah, and have happy thoughts.

dreamfracture - Feel free to explain, obviously. And dust bunnies are cute.

purplerabbits - You're clearly winning. That's terribly sensible. :)

notintheseheels - I love you! That's exactly but EXACTLY what I'd usually do! But they're all asleep. I love you. Let's both kidnap him, by the way. He can't fight two of us off.

rathenar - This I have to see. Both sets of 'this'.

arkady - Well, ~hugs~, because I'm not sure what else to say really. Hugs and much love.

hairyears - I didn't know that, and I'm beyond thrilled by knowing it. Thank you.

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