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So bring on the dancing girls

If Todd Haynes can get away with making a glittery but inarguably masturbatory fantasy about the early 1970s having only previously made some films which upset people so much that they mostly got banned, why on earth can't I do similar but marginally less motivated-by-my-own-sexuality things to 1980/1981? Damn it, in my world everyone would look a little bit like this.
Anyway. I have a feeling this is going to be one of those days where I watch back-to-back 80s nostalgia TV and listen to John Foxx a lot. I can live with that.
Edit : Whoops, I seem to have dressed up, as well. God, I'm wearing a headband, albeit a makeshift one. It all looks fantastic. I can't decide whether to do the sensible thing and take it all off before this evening, or swan out to Elephant & Castle station like this to pick up notintheseheels, who at least would understand.

BU last night was charming if cramped, and lolliepopp managed to pass on maneatingtigger's birthday present to me, which happens to be a mug with an octopus on it, of which the handle is a long, arcing tentacle. Needless to say it's quite quite brilliant.

And how are you?

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